Electric Locks

CISA Electric Locks

  • CISA was established in Florence by Luigi Bucci in 1926 and soon became famous for their electric lock, patented in 1926.
  • International accepted norm EN 14846:2006 offers users of CISA Electric Locks a valuable gauge to measure QUALITY of usage.
  • CISA RIM locks complies to the test of 200,000 duty cycles. These locks (grade 3) also resist side force 500kg side force. The ELETTRIkA (grade 6) complies to resist side force up 1,000kg. The ELEKTTRIkA HAS BEEN TESTED to resist up 2,000kg if fixed to 3mm steel!!
  • CISA has various electric mortice locks for wooden, aluminium and armour plated doors.
  • Electric Strikes include mortice and rim installations.

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