CISA C2000 Open Keyway Cylinders

CISA C2000 Open Keyway Small Oval Profile Cylinders

How the Open Keyway works

An open keyway does not offer protection against un-authorised copying of the key as the key blanks are easily available. For complete protection from un-authorised duplication of your keys look at Astral Tekno, AP3 and C3000 keyways.


Small oval cylinders are typically used on narrow style steel gates, expandable gates and narrow aluminium patio doors

  • All Cylinders: Where more security is required than a lever lock where the exact key for your lock is available from a local hardware store. The CISA key can only be duplicated by taking the original to a locksmith.
  • Double Cylinder: Where keyed entry access is required from both sides of the door.
  • Off-Centred Cylinder: Where a door has a lip at the closing end and the lock has to be morticed off-centre to accommodate the lip.
  • Half/Single Cylinders: Where keyed access is required from only one side of the door.
  • Thumb turn/Knob Cylinders: For convenience, no key is required to operate the cylinder for locking/unlocking the door from inside, simply turn the knob.


Active Security
  • Number of key differs: over 30,000.
Passive Security
  • Push resistance: projecting cam.
  • Drill resistance:
  • Hardened steel pin and driver in first position
  • Anti-picking resistance:
  • Para-centric key way
  • Mushroom type drivers.
Key Arrangement Capacity
  • 1000 different cylinders per MK key (excluding integrated key section capacity).
  • Other key configurations on request.
  • 100 000 cycles (compliant with EN 1303:2005 – Durability Grade 6)
  • Manufactured in conformity with the European Norm EN 1303:2005.
  • Durability Grade 6.
  • Attack Resistance Grade 0.
  • Key Related Security Grade 4.

Security Rating

  • Security
  • Key Arrangement Capacity
  • Reliability
  • Score

Available Finishes

Satin Nickle


Satin Nickle


Available Keying Configurations

  • Key Differed
  • Keyed Alike
  • Master Keyed
  • Grand Master Keyed

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