CISA LOCKING LINE Armoured Insurance Padlocks

CISA LOCKING LINE Armoured Insurance Padlocks

This brass padlock has a steel armour covering to add extra security from attack with drills and hammers

The LOCKING LINE Armoured Insurance padlocks are made with the finest materials in Standard keys or Keyed Alike in repeatable sets. Not available Master keyed


Technical Features
  • Solid brass sanded body with steel covering
  • Brass plug
  • Slide Bolt – NICKEL plated, Carbonitrided (hardened) steel for strength and anti-weathering.
  • 21810-80mm version has Carbonitrided (hardened) STEEL cylinder protection plate
  • Brass pins means no rusting internally
  • Drivers: Brass mushroom type drivers make it very difficult to pick by creating a false sheer line
  • Springs: Phosphor Bronze springs guarantees long term reliable operation of the moving pins

65mm, 80mm


Boxed or carded to order.