Elettrika for Steel Gates

Elettrika for Steel Gates


Elettrika can be installed on all types of doors and gates with maximum flexibility:

  • Non-handed: it can be easily adapted to suit either inward opening or outward, right or left opening doors (fi g. 2), with just one simple operation (patented system)
  • Variable backset from 50 to 80 mm (fi g. 2) (patented system)
  • Self-adjusting striker (fi g. 3) active both vertically (gate uprights) and horizontally (variable distance between gate leaf and gate frame) (patented system).

The rotary hook dead-bolt of Elettrika can be operated in two different modes (patented system):

  • Automatic opening: the door is opened by the deadbolt rotation
  • Ready to open: the deadbolt is released but the door remains closed; you must push to open it. The operation mode is selected by acting directly on the lock.
  • Elettrika is interchangeable with all types of electrically operated locks found on the market (fi g. 1).

Power Supply Adaptability

  • The coil with micro-switch fitted to the Elettrika as standard enables the following:
  • The Elettrika will operate even with undersized power supply, i.e. 250 mA.
  • Will function with different voltages, 12V DC, 24V DC and 24V AC.
  • Prevents damage to the coil when the power button is held down for long periods where the micro-switch cuts power to the coil after a millisecond.
  • It provides a contact that is activated each time the gate is not securely closed, which can be connected to an LED light.

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