Barrier Padlocks - Hardened Steel

Barrier Padlocks – Hardened Steel

Ideal solutions whenever top performance is expected from a padlock.

The top-of-the-range Barrier padlocks, thanks to their advanced design and steel construction features, guarantee highest security, maximum weathering resistance and best master keying potential (in particular, with ASTRAL, TEKNO, C3000 and AP3 keys). For this reason, they are the right answer for any application requirement: from rolling shutter to motorcycle chain, shipping containers or gate locking.

“Barrier” High Security Padlocks act as a barrier against the risks of burglary and corrosion caused by time, weathering and wear.

Understanding Padlock Security?

Before choosing just the right padlock, four parameters must be known and measured: passive security, active security, resistance to weathering, and master keying potential.

  • Active security:
    • ability to resist against non authorized key duplication and cloning, thanks to the patented replaceable cylinders C3000, ASTRAL TEKNO, AP3.
  • Passive security:
    • padlock ability to resist attacks with hammers, cutters etc.
  • Resistance to weathering:
    • resistance to damp, water, and salinity exposure.
  • Master keying potential:
    • padlock performance indicator linked to the number of pins in the key bitting system and consequently to the number of possible combinations that the padlock can offer

“BARRIER” Padlocks score top marks for all of the above parameters.


Identifying Features
  • Carbonitrided steel monoblock body submitted to chemical nickel-plating corrosion preventing treatment.
  • Carbonitrided steel cylinder protective plate submitted to chemical nickel-plating corrosion preventing treatment.
  • Hardened steel shackle submitted to chemical nickel-plating corrosion preventing treatment.
  • Replaceable, rekeyable cylinder with:
    • Brass pins means no rusting internally
    • Drivers: Brass mushroom type drivers make it very difficult to pick by creating a false sheer line
    • Springs: Phosphor Bronze springs guarantees long term reliable operation of the moving pins

The padlocks can be supplied with a variety of keyways to be made Keyed Different for single padlocks or to Keyed Alike, Master Keyed or Grand Master keyed systems. Some keys are protected and secure against illegal key duplication:

  • Astral Keyway (1 600 000 key differs)
  • Astral Tekno Keyway (Patented secure key) (1 600 000 key differs)
  • AP3 Keyway (Patented secure key) (40 million key differs)
  • C3000 keyway (lifelong protected key) (140 000 key differs)
  • C2000 Open Keyways as well as G Series (personalized restricted) keyway (30 000 key differs)

Standard Shackle Steel Padlocks

  • 55mm and 70mm
Shackle Length
  • Standard Shackle length
  • Long Shackle length (55mm only)
  • Extra long Shackle length (55mm only)

Protected Shackle Steel Padlocks

  • The shackle is protected (concealed) from attack by hammering and levers, adding to the already high passive security.
  • 62mm

Slide Bolt – Rectangular Steel Padlocks

  • The slide bolt head will break off when hammered or pulled excessively leaving the slide bolt more unassailable.
  • The shackle diameter varies from 12mm to 14mm in diameter making this a highly attack resistant padlock
  • Size “67”- 66mm with 14mm diameter shackle bolt
  • Size “75”- 75mm with 12mm diameter shackle bolt
  • Size “85”- 84mm with 14mm diameter shackle bolt